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Give yourself the gift of having an event to look forward to, by browsing sites like Groupon. Schedule a spa day, class, or outing based on what deals you can find. Break out an old game, book, or activity you enjoyed as a child (Pokémon or mini-golf, anyone?).

Hot Chocolate, Coffee, and Board Games

sober activities boston

When you need to cool down but want to do so in a non-traditional way, a swimming hole is the way to go. In addition to helping you cool down, the crystal clear water is a perfect place to unleash your inner Indiana Jones. Whether sober houses in dorchester ma you choose to dive, cannonball, or ease your way into the water, the Boston area’s swimming holes are a perfect sober summer activity. The aquarium is a classic destination that reminds us of the beauty of the world.

Monthly Quit Lit Book Club

At Herren Wellness we understand the importance of fun and connection in recovery. While our guests are with us we have weekly outings and events such as basketball, bowling, hiking, and outdoor local events in the Boston/Providence and DC areas. We also invest in the Herren Wellness Alumni program, which continuously brings our community together through meetings and events (currently virtually to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines). These people are a sounding board, support, and healthy friends to “fellowship” with. Go to a late-night yoga or fitness class, or take one virtually.

Sober events near Boston, MA

This park also features 13 acres of greenery in the form of orchards, gardens, and meadows that are fun to explore while envisioning how the Adams families may have spent their days. In Massachusetts, you can relish alcohol-free, fun activities like hiking, visiting art museums, attending live performances, exploring historic sites, and engaging in physical activities. There’s a wide range of activities for people of all ages to discover.

sober activities boston

Let ‘er simmer all day long and enjoy the aromas that come with it. Get inspired to live minimally by joining me in my love for the Never Too Small channel on YouTube. Write it out or talk it out with a friend (or your voice memos app).

sober activities boston

The stadium, which is located right on the waterfront in the Seaport District, features mainstream rock, pop, and R&B acts in the summer. The Plainridge Park Casino Fenway Concert Series has an iconic don’t-miss lineup starting on August 3rd with Guns N’Roses and culminating with the Jonas Brothers on October 1st. OngoingDowntown, Starting at $48We Bostonians are famous for tossing tea (into the harbor), but these days, we’re content to sit for proper afternoon tea.

Lillo Brancato is teaching fellow drug addicts what not to do

Trying Dry January? 5 things to do in Boston that aren't drinking. - Boston.com

Trying Dry January? 5 things to do in Boston that aren't drinking..

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The school offers several tours and other fun activities for visitors. This private Ivy League institute was established in 1636 and spans 209 acres on its main campus. Visitors can stroll through Widener Library and Memorial Church and admire the Victorian Gothic architecture of Memorial Hall. You absolutely don't have to drink to enjoy your evening in Boston. If you're looking for non-drinking friends, you can meet them in one of Boston's alcohol-free Meetup groups, including Boston-Area Alcohol-Free Meetup and NamaStay Sober. Another bar that creates impressive non-alcoholic drinks is Backbar, which a speakeasy-style bar in Union Square that designs drinks inspired by flavors around the world.

Sip on some of these non-alcoholic beverage alternatives instead. Kick back and read a collection of poetry, and allow yourself to read slowly and reflect on the experience and meaning of each poem. Go on a photo walk and see your neighborhood through a new lens. Bring a pal along and make it a social call. Massachusetts is home to nearly 200 miles of beautiful coastline and beaches, including Cape Cod. Historic lighthouses, seafood restaurants, and tidal pools are some of the many extra attractions that line the coast of Massachusetts.

Go Out, Have Fun & Enjoy Boston in a Sober-Friendly Environment

  • Keep a basket for garments that could use a little TLC.
  • Or, make something new by picking up a stress-relieving fiber-based art—whether that’s sewing your own clothes, crocheting, embroidery or otherwise.
  • Sip on some of these non-alcoholic beverage alternatives instead.
  • Drying out a bit in Boston is a far-cry from sitting at home playing solitaire.